Spitfires & Typhoons


Not my usual style post coming up!

I’m a sucker for a loud engine and am nuts for history so I was pretty pleased to go to Duxford for the D-Day Anniversary air show!
As you can see above we saw the best the British Military can offer with not only the Apache helicopter but also the Eurofighter Typhoon! The most amazing things I have seen in ages!
Apparently the Eurofighter pilot would be experiencing forces of 3 & 1/2 G and his body would weigh 9 times more than normal during some of its outrageous manoeuvres!

Also on show were the machines that helped to win the war such as Spitfires, Hercules and a B17 Flying Fortress!
There was a mocked dog fight with Spitfires and Messerschmitts!

I also got to see some demonstrations by the Military Police and spoke to the amazing field medics from the Army!
There were so many stands that I thought I might get recruited if I didn’t move! 🙂
I saw the Living History Group too which basically involved a mocked up 1940’s pub with some faux soldiers playing darts inside! Also a mocked up Anderson shelter next door!

All in all it was a spectacular day and reminds me to be thankful not only to the D-Day veterans but also those people I take for granted in the armed forces who keep us free every day!

Ps I would have got a photo of the Eurofighter Typhoon but it was impossible and I just got photos of sky! 🙂