Holiday Swimwear!

I’m off to the south of France again this year and although it’s rather early I thought I would invest in some new swimwear!
I went online to George at Asda and picked up this rather cool one piece for swimming in and this cute coral bikini for relaxing by the pool in! The one piece was only £12 and the bikini was £12 in total! 🙂
Check out their swimwear here!


Jennifer Lilly Designs Dress!

So I have a big birthday coming up and am having a huge Mad Hatter themed party!
I was online looking for life sized plastic flamingos (naturally!!) and asides from being ridiculously expensive I also learnt that they are the US of A’s number one garden ornament, beating the humble Gnome in to second place! (Who knew? Ha ha!)
Moving on…..
I needed something flamingo related and the flamingo cocktail sticks just aren’t enough.
That’s when I found this beauty of a handmade dress on Etsy!
I can see myself wearing this dress for quite a few summers to come!
It’s by Jennifer Lilly Designs and you can visit her Etsy shop here!
I love the classic feminine shape of this dress with the added bonus of a amazing quirky print!
I also love supporting people who make items by hand and with care! It’s their passion for what they do, which ALWAYS shows in a product.
I will do a big post on my party so until then I leave you with a screenshot and a pic of my newly received and excitedly opened new dress!



New H&M Items!

So I popped into H&M for a quick browse not intending to buy anything but alas I did!
Here is what I purchased!
Some beautiful soft moccasins with silver cube beads on the tassels. These were £14.99.
I have worn them all day at work and they are super comfortable.
I had to go down a size though to a 4 from my usual 5, bit strange that!
I also purchased this striped, long sleeved top with brass details to the shoulders and wrists! £12.99.
Very spring and very Kate Middleton! 🙂



Rimmel Brit Manicure & Cath Kidston Lustings!

I’m a bit obsessed with nail polish and have been hunting for the perfect barely there pink! I think I may have found it in the Brit Manicure range.
The Brit Manicure range has the usual pinky tones but with the option to change up the white tips with some patriotic red and blue tips!
I purchased English Rose which you can find here.
I was majorly, majorly impressed with it’s staying power. I used a Rimmel base and top coat.
Below is a pic of mine nails after 7 whole days of wearing it! Barely a chip!



I went for a lovely day out with my family yesterday and my Mum bought me a beautiful skirt from Cath Kidston!


I also spied some beautiful cardigans that I’m totally lusting after !

You can get it here!

You can also get this one here!