Seventeen Gel Colour Review


Seventeen from Boots is another company to jump on the gel effect train by bringing out these Seventeen Gel Colour polishes!
They are £2.99 and come in a variety of shades but I picked up two, a green one called Emerald Tropics and a grey one called Long Island.
I tried the grey one first and found that it applies quite easily but you have to be quick and not go over it too many times!
One coat was patchy but two coats in and it’s completely opaque!
It took an absolute age to dry but when it did eventually dry it looked very shiny indeed.
I then added a coat of Seche Vite. As you can see in these pics there isn’t much difference in the shine.


I decided to use the green one to test out its 8 day wear claims!
This one glided on like a dream and was more fluid than the grey one, it was also opaque in one speedy coat!
The picture don’t really show the true depth of colour of this polish, think snooker table green and you’re very close!
So I applied one coat and went without topcoat to see how many days this polish stayed chip free.
I lasted three days before I removed it because it looked worn at the tips, but there were no huge issues with chipping! Quite impressive considering I hadn’t used a topcoat!
Check them out here!