Newest Makeup Revolution Hoard!

I’ve become a little obsessed with Makeup Revolution of late and here are my latest purchases!
I purchased some nail polishes, concealer, foundation and four new lipsticks! Oh yeah!
I’ll review them proper and all that jazz when I’ve had a bit of quality time with them!




Models Own in Coral Reef

In my Love Me Beauty box I received this Models Own nail polish in Coral Reef!
You can see what else was in the box here!
I love this Colour! It’s so summery and bright!
When it came to application I realised I completely detested the brush! The formula and colour are amazing but the brush made this a slightly less enjoyable experience!
However the finish was pleasing and was opaque and smooth with two coats! I then finished off as usual with a coat of Seche Vite!


Seventeen Gel Colour Review


Seventeen from Boots is another company to jump on the gel effect train by bringing out these Seventeen Gel Colour polishes!
They are £2.99 and come in a variety of shades but I picked up two, a green one called Emerald Tropics and a grey one called Long Island.
I tried the grey one first and found that it applies quite easily but you have to be quick and not go over it too many times!
One coat was patchy but two coats in and it’s completely opaque!
It took an absolute age to dry but when it did eventually dry it looked very shiny indeed.
I then added a coat of Seche Vite. As you can see in these pics there isn’t much difference in the shine.


I decided to use the green one to test out its 8 day wear claims!
This one glided on like a dream and was more fluid than the grey one, it was also opaque in one speedy coat!
The picture don’t really show the true depth of colour of this polish, think snooker table green and you’re very close!
So I applied one coat and went without topcoat to see how many days this polish stayed chip free.
I lasted three days before I removed it because it looked worn at the tips, but there were no huge issues with chipping! Quite impressive considering I hadn’t used a topcoat!
Check them out here!


OPI “Dating a Royal” Review!

OPI have currently got a sale on so I decided to add to my burgeoning collection with this lovely royal blue polish called “Dating a Royal”!
I absolutely love it! It goes with so many different looks and it’s still bright enough to wear in the summer.
I used my OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, then added two coats of “Dating a Royal”.
I finished off with a coat of Seche Vite Dry fast Top coat.
You can find “Dating a Royal” here.




Grand Opening! Etsy shop open!

I have finally opened up the old Etsy shop! 🙂
You can find it here!

UPDATE: if you retweet my giveaway you can also win a set of your choice! Check out my Twitter!

It features at the moment a small selection of hand painted false nail sets!
I will be adding more designs all the time!
For the next month if you happen to purchase anything mention on check out that you read this blog and a mini free gift will be added to your package! 🙂


Word of Warning and Etsy news!

Over a year and a half ago, before this blog was even in existence, I used a product on my hair which has had lasting effects to this day!
It was Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight & Smooth straightening kit!
All I can say is that the hair that that product touched is crispy!
When I first used it I didn’t notice any difference to the manageability of my hair at all but it didn’t seem adversely affected at the time!
But ever since then I’ve had the hugest problem with mega split ends!
My hair from its roots to about my jaw is lovely and glossy but the hair below is a scarecrows dream! It takes a lot of taming!
I’ve got a wedding to go to soon but after that I think it’s finally long enough to completely cut out the damage entirely!
My advice is just don’t use this product people!


In other news I shall hopefully this weekend be opening an Etsy shop selling hand painted false nail sets!
There will be lots of different styles to choose from. Simple pastels, Kawaii inspired nails and even a set that I’m calling Mermaids Hoard will be available.
Watch this space for more details!
Check out a sneak peek of work in progress!


Favourite Beauty Buys

I thought I would share a few of my absolute fave beauty products that I use on a regular basis!
They are all relatively affordable and they all work really well!


So to start here are my absolute body essentials!
I use exfoliating gloves everyday in the bath. They are very cheap, costing roughly £1.50.
You’ll never need expensive body scrubs if you use these everyday!
I always follow my bath with the Body Shop Miracle Oil in Cocoa Butter, it sinks in quickly thanks to its dry oil like consistency. I use it on the ends of my hair too!
I follow this up with Lush Silky Underwear Dusting powder and the Body shop Vanilla perfume!
All three help me smell like a chocolate cake! 🙂


Next up are the face items!
I’ve been using L’Oreal Revitalift for about six months now and it has cured my wintery dry patches on my face!
I have used Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation in Blushing Beige for about five years and have not found one better yet! It’s solid but turns to liquid on the sponge applicator provided in the compact!
This Carmex lip balm is the only one I have ever finished! I normally get bored or lose them but I LOVE this one! I use it instead of lip stick/gloss for everyday use because it has a lovely berry tint! You can also get this in clear and pink colours!


I will use any shampoo and conditioner within reason but I always insist on V05 weather resistant hairspray! It just stops me turning into a frizzy nightmare!
I tend to wash my hair every two to three days and this Girlz Only shampoo refreshes me nicely between shampoos!
I picked it up on a whim because it was cheap but it has turned into a fave!


I was introduced to the Leighton Denny Crystal nail file about a year ago and haven’t looked back!
It was £12.50 from Boots but it has a whopping 25 year guarantee!
I’ll never need to buy another file again!
Seche Vite top coat is amazing because it cuts down drying time of polish drastically! It’s also crystal clear!
The Superdrug Cuticle oil was a very recent find and I was pleased to see that Vogue had given it a jolly good rating! Here’s my review of it!
I love this super thick hand cream from L’Occitane hand cream! It’s expensive at £19 but it will last for absolutely ever! So pounds per use is brilliant! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my fave products!
Let me know what yours are!