St Tropez Gradual Tan Face & Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen!


So today I had time to kill and popped into Boots just to have a look!
Massive mistake because as usual I picked up a little somethin’ somethin’!

I purchased a dupe of the Benefit Push Up Liner that I wish I could afford!
At £8.99 this maybelline version is a complete steal!
I’m a complete eyeliner nube and have never really got the hang of putting it on and it takes me ages to get a decent line so I never really bother with it!
Here is my very first attempt! I was so amazed at the first application in one go that I put this terrible picture of my eye on here!
The rest of my face was sans makeup and really quite shocking so it’s a rather cropped pic! 🙂
It literally just glides on and the rubber tip hugs the lash line! Amazing!
A bloody git to get off though! Completely impervious to water but a good hot cloth cleansing saved the day!
Get yours here!




The St Tropez Gradual Tan for the face applies like a dream but is heavily fragranced! But it doesn’t smell like biscuits!
I’m not a fan of the fragrance but time will tell on how this pans out tan wise!
Get one from here! !

Nail Art!

I’ve recently been fairly intrigued by nail art!
It’s a really thrifty way of updating your look which is awesome because its quite cheap if you decided you don’t like it!

Who needs a salon and its inflated prices when you can get some glorious bargains if you look in the right places!

In the pic below are a few of the bargains I have picked up!
The wraps were in Primark for just 50p each, the rhinestones and stickers came from eBay for about 99p each!
I’m still waiting for the arrival of my fimo canes and slices but more on those cuties in another posting!


The Maybelline Color Show polishes were a treat from the Mr and they are currently buy one get one half price in boots!
I’m obsessed with the orange one (Orange attack) and below is a pic after just one coat! Lovely!


I’m looking forward to trying out all my trusty bargains and seeing if I’m any good at doing the said nail art!
If not then my little sisters in Sweden are going to get one good haul! 🙂