From Silver to Brisket!

So I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend the “Make your mark” event put on by the London Assay office for aspiring jewellers. This event put lots of contacts, trade stands, talks etc all in one place!
I spent the last few months attending a silver jewellery course where I have learnt the basics of silver smithing for jewellery making!
I attended with the rest of my class and met a few few folks from the advanced class too!

The event was held at Goldsmith Hall where I just fell in love with the fancy-ness of the building!
I didn’t realise until I left that you weren’t meant to take photos! Oops!
After we left the event we headed off to the Hatton Garden area of London which is a jewellery lovers paradise! I didn’t know where to look!
I also purchased some unearthly and beautiful looking labradorite beads and a string of in your face 10mm round opalite beads!

I then had the most amazing lunch at a place down Leather Lane called Tongue & Brisket!
They do sandwiches, but they are the most amazing sandwiches stuffed with the meat of your choice!
I went for chicken schnitzel on rye bread and had a side of chips, but the salt beef and roast turkey looked amazing too!
I think it was family run which only makes it cooler!
I need to go back there for sure! Mmmmmmm……..

Anyway here are a few pics from the day! Scroll to the bottom for sandwich pay off! 😉













Rimmel Precious Stones and a bit of jewellery!

Today I attended a bead fair with a friend and the Mr!
At first I was completely overwhelmed by all on offer but soon my inner magpie had turned me into Gollum!
I ended up with some good sterling silver goodies and some beautiful 10 mm round amethyst beads! They are gorgeous and shine like delicious sweets!
I shall turn those into a beautiful necklace soon!

My silver smithing course marches on and we have moved onto stone settings! We were asked to purchase a stone cabochon of our choice from an excellent online company called Kernow Craft.
I purchased a beautiful citrine stone!
Below is my progress on a ring! I have made the bezel and the ring shank so far!


When browsing for Christmas presents I came across this beautiful looking nail polish from Rimmel London! It’s precious stones in 001 diamond dust!
It’s absolutely packed with glitter particles large and small!
The pics below show my nails after three coats, so I would suggest using a darker base coat first.
Also without a top coat it looked quite matte and felt like sandpaper, but that may be the look One is after. I decided to use my Rimmel ultra shine top coat.
I really like the fact that I’ll be going to work tomorrow with a mini disco upon my hands!



Celts and Cheesecakes!

So I just had my latest silversmithing lesson and have now finished my Celtic ring.
It’s not my usual style but is super shiny and I’m so proud that I made it!
I think everyone on my course is doing superbly well!


In other news it was the birthday of the Mr!
I decided to make him a birthday cheesecake, but not any old cheesecake!
I made a base by crushing up Oreos and mixing with butter, I then wizzed up a pack of cream cheese with a cup of sugar and quarter of a jar of smooth peanut butter!
I then folded in a medium pot of cream that I had whipped up.
I smoothed this on to the cookie base then sprinkled chopped up crumbly fudge all over and left to set in the fridge over night!
I give you Peanut butter fudge cheesecake!
Absolutely wizard!



Busy bee!

I’ve been pretty busy making some new jewellery recently but these hair slides have been my fave item to make!
You have to excuse the awful pic but it does show how cute they are! All I used was old buttons,resin rose cabochons and hair slide blanks!


I recently purchased some new make up because the contents of my make up case were looking tired and boring!
These were the treats I picked up recently!

I’m going to talk about the two most impressive but relatively cheap items!
First up is the MUA Power Pout lip crayon! MUA website Absolutely awesome product to use!
Firstly it’s very easy to use and nice to hold, secondly I love the texture of the product because it looks like a gloss but feels like a lip balm! No stickiness!
I did a swatch on my arm to show the texture!

The next product I was impressed by was the Barry M blusher! It’s highly pigmented so only a little is needed for a healthy glow minus that horrid heavy make up look!
It seems to be out of stock on the website but its available in Boots and Superdrug for sure!

In other news I’ve only baked one cake recently but it’s a goodun’!



Weekend Makes

I decided this weekend to do something other than baking for a change.
I’m pretty fond of jewellery making and tend to make sterling silver and gemstone jewellery.
So here’s the cute sterling silver, iolite and pearl charm necklace I made for myself!
I love it! 🙂


I was beyond excited to get my hands on the latest issue of Mollie Makes!
I’ve always wanted to have a go at crochet but have never got round to it!
But now I have no excuse looking at the cute little gift on the front cover!