From Silver to Brisket!

So I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend the “Make your mark” event put on by the London Assay office for aspiring jewellers. This event put lots of contacts, trade stands, talks etc all in one place!
I spent the last few months attending a silver jewellery course where I have learnt the basics of silver smithing for jewellery making!
I attended with the rest of my class and met a few few folks from the advanced class too!

The event was held at Goldsmith Hall where I just fell in love with the fancy-ness of the building!
I didn’t realise until I left that you weren’t meant to take photos! Oops!
After we left the event we headed off to the Hatton Garden area of London which is a jewellery lovers paradise! I didn’t know where to look!
I also purchased some unearthly and beautiful looking labradorite beads and a string of in your face 10mm round opalite beads!

I then had the most amazing lunch at a place down Leather Lane called Tongue & Brisket!
They do sandwiches, but they are the most amazing sandwiches stuffed with the meat of your choice!
I went for chicken schnitzel on rye bread and had a side of chips, but the salt beef and roast turkey looked amazing too!
I think it was family run which only makes it cooler!
I need to go back there for sure! Mmmmmmm……..

Anyway here are a few pics from the day! Scroll to the bottom for sandwich pay off! 😉













Mexican Chicken with Wicked Mole Sauce!

Continuing with my Jamie Oliver food obsession here is my go at one of his 15 Minute Meals!
Delicious chicken poached in a beautiful broth, vegetables, rice and an amazing fiery chocolate chilli sauce!
Yes I said chocolate chilli sauce! It’s got spring onions, chilli, garlic, dried ancho chilli, peanut butter, dark chocolate and even a bit of fresh banana! Weird but most delish!
Check out episode 39 of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals here!


Peanut Butter Cheesecake!

Today I fancied making a quick cheesecake and here it is!
This is a recipe I made up myself but it’s pretty similar to most no bake cheesecakes out there!
If you don’t like peanut butter then you could alway swap it for some melted chocolate!


Roughly half a pack of milk chocolate digestives smooshed to pieces
About 50g melted butter
300ml double cream
250g cream cheese (full fat, otherwise there’s no point making it!)
2tbs smooth peanut butter
Roughly 4tbs caster sugar (add more or less to your own taste)


Mix the smote biccies with the butter! You should have a mixture like damp sand!
Press this into the base of a loose base cake tin!
In a stand mixer or using a electric whisk blitz together the rest of the ingredients until super fluffy and smooth!
Spread over the biscuit base and smooth the surface before crumbling over delicious fudge or as I have done in the pic below, smash up a Daim bar!
Refrigerate again!


Savvy Circle Test!

I’m part of the Savvy Circle which is part of Super Savvy Me!
Super Savvy Me is a place to get reviews on products and to print off money saving coupons!
There are always cool coupons on offer!
So as you may know I’m a keen cook and I do love to create a mentally massive mess in the kitchen, so I was pleased when the Savvy Circle gave me the opportunity to try out Fairy Platinum Dishwasher tablets for a month!
Check out the site.

Check out the kit that arrived! A bag of 30 Fairy Platinum tablets and 10 sample packs to hand out to my pals!



So far so good! They are working for me very well and are doing a good job of cleaning up my mess!
I’m yet to hand out the samples but I shall be interested in others feed back too!

Jamie’s Sticky Kicking Chicken!

I am officially obsessed with Jamie Oliver! So here’s another one of his recipesI tried out!
I followed the chicken recipe to the letter, but I went a bit off piste with the salad and dressing!
I left the ginger out of the dressing because the Mr doesn’t like it and I forgot the sprouts in the salad but it’s essentially the same! The salad was actually not the one in the recipe but the salad from the seared Asian beef recipe!
Also, even though it’s not very Asian I tried out Jamie’s olive oil garlic bread recipe too!
From the sticky chicken right down to the toasted seeds and cashews it was a delish din dins!




Here’s Jamie’s website

Beer Butt Chicken!

So myself and the Mr were watching Jamie’s and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast last night and saw the most awesomely delish looking recipe that we had to try at once!
It ’twas Beer Butt Chicken! It looked how it sounds!
Get a chicken and create a rub out of spices and oil and massage that chicken up a treat!
Then you literally stick half a can of beer up its southern orifice!
Pop on a baking tray and roast the hell out of it!
We served it with a salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spring onions, sweet corn, peppers, radish, chilli!) and fancy garlic bread!
One word: NOM!

Here is the recipe! Enjoy!