Jennifer Lilly Designs Dress!

So I have a big birthday coming up and am having a huge Mad Hatter themed party!
I was online looking for life sized plastic flamingos (naturally!!) and asides from being ridiculously expensive I also learnt that they are the US of A’s number one garden ornament, beating the humble Gnome in to second place! (Who knew? Ha ha!)
Moving on…..
I needed something flamingo related and the flamingo cocktail sticks just aren’t enough.
That’s when I found this beauty of a handmade dress on Etsy!
I can see myself wearing this dress for quite a few summers to come!
It’s by Jennifer Lilly Designs and you can visit her Etsy shop here!
I love the classic feminine shape of this dress with the added bonus of a amazing quirky print!
I also love supporting people who make items by hand and with care! It’s their passion for what they do, which ALWAYS shows in a product.
I will do a big post on my party so until then I leave you with a screenshot and a pic of my newly received and excitedly opened new dress!



Grand Opening! Etsy shop open!

I have finally opened up the old Etsy shop! 🙂
You can find it here!

UPDATE: if you retweet my giveaway you can also win a set of your choice! Check out my Twitter!

It features at the moment a small selection of hand painted false nail sets!
I will be adding more designs all the time!
For the next month if you happen to purchase anything mention on check out that you read this blog and a mini free gift will be added to your package! 🙂


Word of Warning and Etsy news!

Over a year and a half ago, before this blog was even in existence, I used a product on my hair which has had lasting effects to this day!
It was Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight & Smooth straightening kit!
All I can say is that the hair that that product touched is crispy!
When I first used it I didn’t notice any difference to the manageability of my hair at all but it didn’t seem adversely affected at the time!
But ever since then I’ve had the hugest problem with mega split ends!
My hair from its roots to about my jaw is lovely and glossy but the hair below is a scarecrows dream! It takes a lot of taming!
I’ve got a wedding to go to soon but after that I think it’s finally long enough to completely cut out the damage entirely!
My advice is just don’t use this product people!


In other news I shall hopefully this weekend be opening an Etsy shop selling hand painted false nail sets!
There will be lots of different styles to choose from. Simple pastels, Kawaii inspired nails and even a set that I’m calling Mermaids Hoard will be available.
Watch this space for more details!
Check out a sneak peek of work in progress!