Baking and bargains!

So lately I have been thinking of the ways of thrift!
This means bargain eBay outfits and lots of homemade baked treats!

If you spend enough time you can hunt out some absolute bargains on eBay!
I have recently got some cute brand new dresses starting from 99p!!!!
I’ll do another post on my eBay bargains soon!

Recently though I have been baking up a storm, trying out a big fat chocolate cake, bread and brownies!

My friend Sarah recently had a big birthday so I baked her the big fat chocolate cake so we could enjoy it at work! 🙂
The recipe is from the Gu cookbook!
The below pic is me with the creation!


Paul Hollywood has been inspiring me with his doughy ways and decided to recreate his bloomer but with wholemeal seeded flour!
The results were amazing! I’ve never had bread turn out so well!


Next were the brownies which feature on this months Sainburys magazine cover!
I leave you with white chocolate and raspberry brownies!