Hobby Craft Bunting Kit

As part of my Birthday preparations I have decided I need some bunting to fit in with my Mad Hatter tea party theme.
I looked into buying some and all I found was extortionately over priced hand made bunting and cheap plastic/cardboard bunting.
So I decided I would make my own and headed off to Hobby Craft where I found this sweet little kit!
It was £5 and came in blue or pink! I decided on the pink because it fits in with my chintzy paper plates and platters that I got off ebay!
I absolutely loathe sewing so I don’t know why I decided to get this but I have surprisingly found it a quite enjoyable project.
It comes with instructions, template, material and thread, you just need a sewing needle, scissors and pins.
I have so far half made it and it’s looking super cute!





Adventures in silver!

I’ve just had the third of ten weekly lessons in silver smithing making silver jewellery! It is amazing!
I have so far made a hammered ring and am currently working on a Celtic ring!
I just can’t believe someone let me loose with a blow torch!






Busy bee!

I’ve been pretty busy making some new jewellery recently but these hair slides have been my fave item to make!
You have to excuse the awful pic but it does show how cute they are! All I used was old buttons,resin rose cabochons and hair slide blanks!


I recently purchased some new make up because the contents of my make up case were looking tired and boring!
These were the treats I picked up recently!

I’m going to talk about the two most impressive but relatively cheap items!
First up is the MUA Power Pout lip crayon! MUA website Absolutely awesome product to use!
Firstly it’s very easy to use and nice to hold, secondly I love the texture of the product because it looks like a gloss but feels like a lip balm! No stickiness!
I did a swatch on my arm to show the texture!

The next product I was impressed by was the Barry M blusher! It’s highly pigmented so only a little is needed for a healthy glow minus that horrid heavy make up look!
It seems to be out of stock on the website but its available in Boots and Superdrug for sure!

In other news I’ve only baked one cake recently but it’s a goodun’!



From Tardis to France

So another friend of mine had a big birthday and quite sensibly decided on a heroes and villains themed fancy dress party!
The Mr decided to go as Doctor Who so I went as the Tardis!
Not the most comfy costume but it was amazing!

Here is the making below!



I have just returned from a week in the south of France! Everything from the food to the weather was excellent!
I tried frogs legs which were a bit weird! Like fishy chicken!
But the local drink Floc is AMAZING!!! It’s Armagnac mixed with grape juice!
It’s served ice cold as pre dinner drinks!
It’s name is geographically protected so can only be called Floc if its been made in the Gascony region!

Here’s my view from the sun lounger!


Mollie Makes and More!

This week I have a little project on the go, I’ve found yet another cute mini project on Mollie Makes magazine, found a little baking project to try and I’ve painted my nails! 🙂

Below is the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine and even though sewing and I are never seen in the same room together, I REALLY want to make this fish key ring!


I am making something so awesome but so secret for now! So I trotted down to the local art supplies shop to get some paint when I saw some cool cardboard 3D letters about 3-4 inches high!
So I purchased said letters and have been busy decoupaging them with bright tissue paper!
Most messy but rather absorbing!


In other news the Mr has told me word of a working picnic so I have been thinking and have found a super cool recipe for Mini Oreo Cheescakes! Oh Baby!!!!!
Update to follow on those beauties!

Tomorrow I’m off to Oxford to visit their University for dinner etc so I have painted mine nails with Pink Lemonade by Boots 17! Absolutely lush colour!
Topped off with a secret cheap hero of mine and that’s the 17 double gloss top coat a steal at £2.99 and it performs waaaaaay better than the OPI top coat I have!



Weekend Makes

I decided this weekend to do something other than baking for a change.
I’m pretty fond of jewellery making and tend to make sterling silver and gemstone jewellery.
So here’s the cute sterling silver, iolite and pearl charm necklace I made for myself!
I love it! 🙂


I was beyond excited to get my hands on the latest issue of Mollie Makes!
I’ve always wanted to have a go at crochet but have never got round to it!
But now I have no excuse looking at the cute little gift on the front cover!




Christmas is just around the corner!
My tree is up and most of my presents are purchased!

Christmas tree decorating is completely personal to everyone’s taste!
I personally love coloured lights, toys, glass baubles etc! But absolutely no tinsel will be seen on my tree!
I tend to use tinsel as a garland around flats surfaces!



I’m also keeping with my brown parcel paper and ribbon wrapping idea for Christmas but with some awesome glitter infused red tissue paper from Paperchase!
Also Poundland do some brilliant Santa Hat bottle toppers in a pack of four!


Happy Christmas!