Random New Favourites!

I love it when I have unexpected beauty discoveries, especially nice thrifty ones!
I have been using Garnier Micellar Cleansing water for weeks now and I love it!
For roughly around the £4 mark you get 400ml of product and it lasts for ages! I’m still only halfway through my bottle.
I use one cotton pad lightly soaked in this for my face then another one for my eyes.
It removes every last trace of make up without me having to rub my face and it doesn’t dry out my skin. It literally feels like you’re using plain water.


I used this Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxury Body Wash just because it was on the side of the bath! It’s not something I would normally purchase!
I used my usual exfoliating gloves and squeezed a little bit of this onto my hands.
It comes out of the packaging exactly like shaving gel would and when I rubbed my gloved hands together it lathered up a storm! It was really really foamy and super luxurious feeling!
I only needed a tiny bit and it was so luxuriously thick that I used the remnants for shaving my legs!
Brilliant stuff and you can get it here.

I have dry ends to my hair and I kept hearing word of coconut butter/oils moisturising properties so I went to track some down and found this little beauty in Boots!
It’s Boots Ingredients Coconut Body Oil. It comes in a glass jar with a metal screw lid, so it can be recycled or re- purposed!
The product smells heavenly and is of course coconuty! It’s solid in the jar but melts on contact with the skin!
I just scoop a chunk out and rub between my palms then distribute thought the ends of my hair!
I leave it for 10 mins or so then I wash my hair as normal!
It leaves me with lovely soft hair! T’is only £2:54 in Boots!