Christmas is just around the corner!
My tree is up and most of my presents are purchased!

Christmas tree decorating is completely personal to everyone’s taste!
I personally love coloured lights, toys, glass baubles etc! But absolutely no tinsel will be seen on my tree!
I tend to use tinsel as a garland around flats surfaces!



I’m also keeping with my brown parcel paper and ribbon wrapping idea for Christmas but with some awesome glitter infused red tissue paper from Paperchase!
Also Poundland do some brilliant Santa Hat bottle toppers in a pack of four!


Happy Christmas!



Christmas Cards!

Christmas is starting rather early with me this year! 🙂
Along with some usual shop bought cards I decided to make a few myself!


I purchased some card blanks and pondered what to do!
Then I was perusing eBay and found these beautiful gingerbread man wooden shapes and an idea came to me!
How about a card that’s also a cute little gift! 🙂
The gingerbread man is lightly tacked to the card with repositionable glue dots and he has a very small jingle bell tied around his neck with a piece of organza ribbon!
I then printed a holiday message with a cute vintage looking letter set I purchased recently!
The result is a cute card with a little Christmas ornament that will last longer than one Christmas! 🙂