Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Gel Cream Review

Since realising that my beloved L’Oreal Revitalift SPF 30 moisturiser was making my face shine like a bowl of melted butter under my make up by 10am everyday, I have been on a look out for a new one!
I loved Lush Imperialis moisturiser but it has no SPF in it! I will go back to that one in the winter when I can let my heavier foundation base take the weak rays from the sun.
For now I decided to try Boots Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Gel Cream which has SPF 15.


It claims to provide moisture whilst controlling shine on oily skin. It also has clarifying willow bark to calm the complexion.
The packaging is a clean and simple plastic jar, nothing too amazing but then the product is only £3.49!


The product itself is a heavy opaque white gel, which is nice and cooling on the face and neck! I should imagine this would be absolutely heavenly straight from the fridge on a hot day!
It’s spreads easily and takes a bit of massaging in before it vanishes into the skin!
It moisturises well, even on my dry patches!
I find though that my face still gets a shine to it before I get to eat my luncheon at 1pm. It’s less of an oil slick granted but the Imperialis kept my face virtually shine free for most of the day!
I also can’t say it has calmed any blemishes but it also hasn’t made them worse.
All in all I wouldn’t purchase again myself but I will see it through to the end of the pot and it would make an awesome summer moisturiser for someone with a normal skin type!

You can find it here to purchase!