Body Shop Blue Corn Face Mask Follow Up + Vitamin E Mask Review

I have been using the Body Shop 3 in 1 deep Cleansing Scrub Mask for a couple of weeks now!
I was very impressed when I first tried the mask ( which you can see here).
As time marches on not only has it made my skin smoother without drying it out it has also helped improve my complexion!
It’s clay like drying on the skin draws out impurities, deep cleansing my skin!
Normally if I use a clay mask it’s too harsh and actually drys my skin out and gives me spots, but this does a good job exfoliating, cleansing and not drying my face into a husk!
I thoroughly recommend this product! 🙂


I have also tried the Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask!
I purchased a couple of sachets of this to try it but it also comes in a tub like the Blue Corn Mask.
So I ripped off the handy perforated seam across the top and tried to squeeze some out. Unfortunately it had only opened up a tiny hole and I squeezed rather hard, so it went shooting up in the air and landed in my hair like a seagull taking target practice! Ha ha!
It had a nice clean scent and had the texture of a thin moisturiser.
I followed the instructions and applied a thin layer to cleansed skin and waited 10 minutes before I tissued it off.
On the packaging it says intense moisture replenishment but for me this wasn’t exactly the case. My skin didn’t feel dry or tight but I had to follow up with a moisturiser for sure.
I have combination skin and this product was fine on my t zone but didn’t do it for my cheeks. While I won’t myself be purchasing the full size tub, I’d say this would definitely suit less dry skin types.

You can see the Body Shop face mask range here.



Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum Review!

I have been in love with my Helenere Maitrise Du Temps since I received it in my March Glossybox!
It’s really intense though and a bit too heavy for the day time!
So I decided to try this light weight Vitamin E Serum from the Body Shop!
It’s in a pump action container and one pump delivers the right amount for an application for me.
The product is slightly cloudy with a gel like texture that spreads quickly and sinks in very easily!
It doesn’t really have a smell only a slight clean scent which is a bonus.
What I particularly like about this is that it caters for my combination skin! I have an annoyingly oily T zone and fairly dry cheeks but this moisturises it all without being too heavy for the oilier areas!


Body Shop Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask!

I’ve noticed these days that I can’t just get away with a slap dash attitude towards my cleansing routine! Although I’ve always moisturised religiously and always protect my face from the sun my attitude to cleansing is mega lazy!
Only now my face will these days protest that’s it’s feeling neglected! Fun times!
So I have invested in this mask from the Body Shop!
It claims to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise and if it works it should fit into my life quite nicely!
When I opened the pot I noticed its smells quite herbal, but then that makes me feel like it’s going to actually do something!
It’s texture is like that of a traditional clay mask but with added exfoliating bits in it!
I applied it to my wet face and I noticed it spreads very easily and it’s a walk in the park to get a nice thin even layer!
It tingled a bit at first but it wasn’t uncomfortable. As it dried I got that satisfying face pack, don’t crack my face feeling! 🙂
Then when the 15 minutes were up I rinsed it off in warm water? This was rather easy to do because of the exfoliating element of the mask!
I then patted my face dry and was left with soft, fresh skin!
I wouldn’t say it gave my face a moisture hit but I would also say it hasn’t dried my skin out!
I’m looking forward to continuing with this twice a week for a while to see its long term effects!



Favourite Beauty Buys

I thought I would share a few of my absolute fave beauty products that I use on a regular basis!
They are all relatively affordable and they all work really well!


So to start here are my absolute body essentials!
I use exfoliating gloves everyday in the bath. They are very cheap, costing roughly £1.50.
You’ll never need expensive body scrubs if you use these everyday!
I always follow my bath with the Body Shop Miracle Oil in Cocoa Butter, it sinks in quickly thanks to its dry oil like consistency. I use it on the ends of my hair too!
I follow this up with Lush Silky Underwear Dusting powder and the Body shop Vanilla perfume!
All three help me smell like a chocolate cake! 🙂


Next up are the face items!
I’ve been using L’Oreal Revitalift for about six months now and it has cured my wintery dry patches on my face!
I have used Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation in Blushing Beige for about five years and have not found one better yet! It’s solid but turns to liquid on the sponge applicator provided in the compact!
This Carmex lip balm is the only one I have ever finished! I normally get bored or lose them but I LOVE this one! I use it instead of lip stick/gloss for everyday use because it has a lovely berry tint! You can also get this in clear and pink colours!


I will use any shampoo and conditioner within reason but I always insist on V05 weather resistant hairspray! It just stops me turning into a frizzy nightmare!
I tend to wash my hair every two to three days and this Girlz Only shampoo refreshes me nicely between shampoos!
I picked it up on a whim because it was cheap but it has turned into a fave!


I was introduced to the Leighton Denny Crystal nail file about a year ago and haven’t looked back!
It was £12.50 from Boots but it has a whopping 25 year guarantee!
I’ll never need to buy another file again!
Seche Vite top coat is amazing because it cuts down drying time of polish drastically! It’s also crystal clear!
The Superdrug Cuticle oil was a very recent find and I was pleased to see that Vogue had given it a jolly good rating! Here’s my review of it!
I love this super thick hand cream from L’Occitane hand cream! It’s expensive at £19 but it will last for absolutely ever! So pounds per use is brilliant! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my fave products!
Let me know what yours are!