My Birthday Party!


So can you guess from the pic of my cake what my theme was?
My cousin made this awesome cake for my Mad Hatter themed 30th birthday party!

I managed to wangle the use of some gorgeous private formal gardens for the event!
The weather didn’t let me down and the garden practically decorated itself with its flowers! I only added bunting and the odd plastic flamingo!

I had dainty sandwiches, cupcakes and a pic n mix sweet/candy buffet too!
To add to the theme we drank gin and tonics from beautiful paper teacups!
There was prosecco and birthday cake for all!
We all indulged in a few rounds of croquet too!

As people left I handed out some hand crafted party favours that I put together!
I Couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to my 30’s!







Hobby Craft Bunting Kit

As part of my Birthday preparations I have decided I need some bunting to fit in with my Mad Hatter tea party theme.
I looked into buying some and all I found was extortionately over priced hand made bunting and cheap plastic/cardboard bunting.
So I decided I would make my own and headed off to Hobby Craft where I found this sweet little kit!
It was £5 and came in blue or pink! I decided on the pink because it fits in with my chintzy paper plates and platters that I got off ebay!
I absolutely loathe sewing so I don’t know why I decided to get this but I have surprisingly found it a quite enjoyable project.
It comes with instructions, template, material and thread, you just need a sewing needle, scissors and pins.
I have so far half made it and it’s looking super cute!





Jennifer Lilly Designs Dress!

So I have a big birthday coming up and am having a huge Mad Hatter themed party!
I was online looking for life sized plastic flamingos (naturally!!) and asides from being ridiculously expensive I also learnt that they are the US of A’s number one garden ornament, beating the humble Gnome in to second place! (Who knew? Ha ha!)
Moving on…..
I needed something flamingo related and the flamingo cocktail sticks just aren’t enough.
That’s when I found this beauty of a handmade dress on Etsy!
I can see myself wearing this dress for quite a few summers to come!
It’s by Jennifer Lilly Designs and you can visit her Etsy shop here!
I love the classic feminine shape of this dress with the added bonus of a amazing quirky print!
I also love supporting people who make items by hand and with care! It’s their passion for what they do, which ALWAYS shows in a product.
I will do a big post on my party so until then I leave you with a screenshot and a pic of my newly received and excitedly opened new dress!



Celts and Cheesecakes!

So I just had my latest silversmithing lesson and have now finished my Celtic ring.
It’s not my usual style but is super shiny and I’m so proud that I made it!
I think everyone on my course is doing superbly well!


In other news it was the birthday of the Mr!
I decided to make him a birthday cheesecake, but not any old cheesecake!
I made a base by crushing up Oreos and mixing with butter, I then wizzed up a pack of cream cheese with a cup of sugar and quarter of a jar of smooth peanut butter!
I then folded in a medium pot of cream that I had whipped up.
I smoothed this on to the cookie base then sprinkled chopped up crumbly fudge all over and left to set in the fridge over night!
I give you Peanut butter fudge cheesecake!
Absolutely wizard!