Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo


The other morn I ran clean out of my usual favourite dry shampoo called Girlz Only. It works like a dream, smells divine and is only £1.50 from Tesco!
Well I’m too lazy to go all the way to Tesco just for this so I nipped into Superdrug to see what I could see!
I purchased this Herbal Essences Clearly Naked dry shampoo because it wasn’t Bastiste (Batiste and my hair aren’t friends!) and it was cheap.
Currently on offer for £1.47!
I thought it would tide me over till I see another Tesco trip on the horizon.

Well I do think it may have converted me to it’s side. It smells of citrus and mint and doesn’t chalk my hair up making me look like Gandalf.
As soon as I give it a quick rub with my hands it’s practically invisible and once I’ve brushed it you would never know!
It’s also free from nasties like parabens!
It refreshes my hair extremely well which is all I ask!
Top drawer product in mine eyes! Get one here!


Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I’m determined to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe out there!
This is the first recipe that caught my eye, it’s from the BBC Good Food website and you can check it out here!

So to the cookies:


They came out like mounds rather than a traditional biscuit shape, but hey! A biscuit is a biscuit!
These were darn nice, with a soft centre and slightly crunchy edges!
I wouldn’t call this the ultimate chocolate chip cookie and shall continue my search but for now I shall munch down these chocolate chip mounds with delight!


George Gel Pro Gellies


So today I was in Asda gathering ingredients for a mighty macaroni cheese and happened to walk down the beauty aisle!
On the George cosmetics stand stood this little gem of a nail polish!
It’s part of their Gel Pro range and it’s a Gellie polish! Now we’ve all seen the Gelly style polishes out there but this one truly reminds me of a jelly sweet!
It’s really deep in purple colour but it’s see through, like Ribena!
It amazingly smells like fruity sweets too!

This polish applies smoothly, with a decent sized brush to boot!
It also dries rapidly, has a very hi shine finish and best of all at the moment they are only £2! There are yellow, red and green also in the range!
Check them out in your local store!
I want them all! 🙂




Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blusher & Ultra All Day Prime and Anti-Shine Balm!


Well I’m a sucker for new products and since I’ve been a very good girl and not purchased any in a while I decided to get these two products from my thrifty and favourite brand.

So first up is the fluid blusher in Pink Dew! These little bottles of joy are an absolute dupe for Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush! I cannot afford one of those, so cannot compare but this is great!
It’s really super runny, so careful there, and is best applied with a brush!
It leaves a super silky feeling surface and sets nicely with no caking! 🙂



Now for the prime and anti-shine balm!
I had to have that as soon as I saw it because I get a shiny face and if I apply too much power then my face resembles the desiccated surface of Mars! Not sexy!
It works nicely as a thin layer of primer under makeup but also lives up to its anti-shine claims when used on top of makeup instead of powder!
Although I have found if you wipe with the sponge, makeup will come off as you can see in the pic! Durr!
But patted on it’s super!
Nicely packaged and sturdy with a mirror!

Check out Makeup Revolution here!




Hurry Along Summer…

It’s pretty cold here in Wales and I’m hankering for a little sunshine!
Here’s my favourite outfit from last summer! I cannot wait to wear it again and to be able to shop for more summer items!
Also check out the cold but beautiful view from near my house! 🙂




Fudge, fudge, glorious fudge!


So now I’m a full time student I have no pennies! So this Christmas to compliment presents I also made some fudge!
I roped in the Mr and we got cracking! I made a cherry almond fudge and he made a Daim bar fudge!

We followed a Sweets Made Simple recipe from the above book and just swapped in a couple of ingredients!
As always with this books recipes it came out perfect and people loved their fudge treats!





Bara Brith


Since moving to North Wales I have been indulging heavily in local traditional treats such as Welsh Cakes and Bara Brith.
They are heavenly! 🙂

I decided after eating many locally made Bara Briths to make my own!
I found this recipe on the Visit Wales website and thought it was a good place to start!

Lots of tea, brown sugar, honey and other ingredients later I created the above loaf!
This recipe makes a very delicious spicy bread like loaf! The one I got from the local bakery is quite cake like so I think I’ll have to keep experimenting! 🙂