Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo


The other morn I ran clean out of my usual favourite dry shampoo called Girlz Only. It works like a dream, smells divine and is only £1.50 from Tesco!
Well I’m too lazy to go all the way to Tesco just for this so I nipped into Superdrug to see what I could see!
I purchased this Herbal Essences Clearly Naked dry shampoo because it wasn’t Bastiste (Batiste and my hair aren’t friends!) and it was cheap.
Currently on offer for £1.47!
I thought it would tide me over till I see another Tesco trip on the horizon.

Well I do think it may have converted me to it’s side. It smells of citrus and mint and doesn’t chalk my hair up making me look like Gandalf.
As soon as I give it a quick rub with my hands it’s practically invisible and once I’ve brushed it you would never know!
It’s also free from nasties like parabens!
It refreshes my hair extremely well which is all I ask!
Top drawer product in mine eyes! Get one here!

My Visit to Lush Cambridge! #2


As you may recall in a post I wrote a few weeks back, I was invited by Lush Cambridge to come and have a chat about hair and skin care.

I’ve had a good few weeks of properly trying out some of the samples they sent me on my way with! There have been some absolute winners and only one product that didn’t work well on me.

Skin care wise I’m absolutely still in love with the Imperialis moisturiser! It sinks in beautifully, moisturising my face and neck but also stops my makeup slipping around! As it’s got no SPF in it I will repurchase this come winter.
I was also given a solid serum to try called Full of Grace. I have simply been rubbing a little between my fingers to melt then smoothing on my face. Unfortunately this is too heavy for me but would suit someone with fairly dry skin. It’s packed with Murumuru butter which is produced from a plant native to Brazil and it’s highly moisturing!

I’ve also enjoyed using H’suan Wen Hua hair moisturiser! Try saying that drunk! 😉
It’s really good for the dry ends to my hair because you put this on dry hair, leave for 20 mins (treat yourself, have a cup of tea and a Jaffa cake!), then shampoo out! Simple!
Hair then doesn’t get stripped of all moisture leaving softer locks!
I was also impressed with the Coconutty solid shampoo that is Trichomania! It’s rich and delicious smelling! I just rub it on to wet hair and lather away! Heavenly!

I also purchased (not a free sample) a Charity Pot! You can read about it in my previous post!
I started reviewing it here then realised the charity element to some Lush products needed and indeed deserved a post of their own!
So I wrote that and decided to publish this one a bit later!

My Visit to Lush in Cambridge! #1


I, along with many other folks, am a huge Lush fan!
I love their delicious bath bombs and dusting powders but I have never really strayed from these products.
I’m very very guilty of avoiding all sale staff and diving for a bath bomb then speeding toward the tills before exiting at high speed on many a rushed lunch break.
So I was exited about being invited by my local Lush store in Cambridge to come and talk about hair care and skin care!
I shall be talking mainly about the products that have jumped out from the get go but will be doing another post when I’ve given the products a good chance to work their magic.

On arrival I was greeted by the lovely James who wasted no time in making me feel at ease and we set to talking about my hair!
My hair is shocking! Asides from the first signs that I’m turning into a Wizard (one or two sneaky greys!) I have dry ends, a huge tangly, curly mid section and flat roots! Yikes! It takes a massive amount of taming!
James started suggesting different products to address my hair issues, he also told me a little bit about the history of each product and their properties! Boy does he know his stuff! 🙂
I was sent away with many products to try but the outstanding favourites of mine so far are the Roots hair treatment and the Fairly Traded Honey shampoo.
The Roots hair treatment looks like a delicious, mousse like shimmering whip for the hair! It smells divine thanks to neroli, grapefruit and sweet orange oil. It uses olive oil and honey to condition plus mint to stimulate!
I applied to my roots and massaged it in and I immediately felt it getting to work! It felt tingly and the scent completely woke me up! 🙂
I absolutely loved using this, in fact my most favourite thing to do now is to pop this on my hair and use the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask at the same time! Sooooo divine!
The Roots treatment has in fact left me with less flat roots and carries on tingling after it’s been rinsed away!
I love the Fairly Traded Honey shampoo because it smells sooooo scrummy and left my hair clean, soft and divinely scented! It looks like you’re pouring pure honey on your hair too! 🙂
Because it contains honey and beeswax it gives my tangly curly mane a shine hit and doesn’t dry it out! 🙂

I also spoke to Katy who took me through skin care!
My two favourite products so far are Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask which is made with fresh blueberries and Imperialis Moisturiser!
The mask as I have said already is just heavenly to wear whilst also using the Roots hair treatment!
I LOVED this moisturiser from first application! It sinks in quickly and I was amazed because it has kept my face matte underneath my foundation all day! If it had SPF then this would be the best ever moisturiser, but my foundation has that in so it’s not too much of a problem! I’m deffo repurchasing this!

Lush is also rather good to the planet and doesn’t harm furry little critters! 🙂

If you like me tend to stick to the bath bombs then you should deffo grab a member of staff and ask them about the other products because they are friendly, know their products and are passionate about what they do! Both James and Katy were proud of working for Lush and that comes across when you speak to them, that in turn makes me confident in their advice!
Check out their website!




Word of Warning and Etsy news!

Over a year and a half ago, before this blog was even in existence, I used a product on my hair which has had lasting effects to this day!
It was Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight & Smooth straightening kit!
All I can say is that the hair that that product touched is crispy!
When I first used it I didn’t notice any difference to the manageability of my hair at all but it didn’t seem adversely affected at the time!
But ever since then I’ve had the hugest problem with mega split ends!
My hair from its roots to about my jaw is lovely and glossy but the hair below is a scarecrows dream! It takes a lot of taming!
I’ve got a wedding to go to soon but after that I think it’s finally long enough to completely cut out the damage entirely!
My advice is just don’t use this product people!


In other news I shall hopefully this weekend be opening an Etsy shop selling hand painted false nail sets!
There will be lots of different styles to choose from. Simple pastels, Kawaii inspired nails and even a set that I’m calling Mermaids Hoard will be available.
Watch this space for more details!
Check out a sneak peek of work in progress!