Healthy Protein Flapjack

So sorry for the radio silence lately! So much has been happening, such as house moves and wedding prep! 😀

Anyhow with said wedding coming up I’m feeling motivated to eat a bit healthier and to do a bit more exercise.
There’s no way I can be as dedicated to a fitness regime Victoria Secret model style but I can change a few bits and bobs to get a bit more wedding svelte!
One thing is to swap out biccies and chocolate bars with healthier but equally delicious snacks such as these protein filled flapjacks!


In a large pan add half an average size jar of crunchy peanutbutter and about half an average squeezy bottle of honey and warm through until runny.
I then added to this a cup of chopped dates, cup of almond flakes and some omega seed mix from Holland & Barrett!
I then added enough oats to bring the whole thing together in to a stiff but still moist mound.
I then pressed the mix into a foul lined baking dish and left to cool down and set as you would with an ordinary flapjack.

Next job is to cut into bars and scoff!

Now while this isn’t exactly calorie free, it is full of good things and packed with nutrients which should support my body whilst I embark on a mild fitness adventure!


Battenberg! Battenberg! Battenberg!


Well this blog has taken a biscuity/cakey turn lately!
Nothing wrong with that though.
I decided to try my hand at my childhood favourite (still my favourite), the God and Super Overlord to all cakes: Battenberg!

How in my 30 years on this planet I never got round to making one I don’t know, but I finally did and here it is!
I used the Hairy Bikers recipe, of which I got from here, the good old BBC website.
I stuck rigidly to the recipe and it came out to perfection, even the grease proof paper divide worked for me. Winner!



Raspberry Bakewell Cake


Ok! So this morning I got the urge for a sweet treat and decided to Hell with the healthy eating for today (ahem, most days!) and I baked a cake!

So here it is, the stupidly easy to make Raspberry Bakewell Cake made with ground almonds and fresh raspberries!
I found the recipe here on the BBC Good Food website!
The only things I changed was to add a teaspoon of almond extract to boost the almondy flavour of the cake and I only baked for 45 minutes, but that will depend on your very own oven.

I thoroughly recommend this almond delight with its sharp contrast of fresh raspberries! Nom!


Ultimate cookie!


Check out these triple chocolate cookies!
After trailing many a chocolate chip cookie recipe, I have found the ONE!
Perfect amount of crunch on edges and deliciously perfect amount of squidge in the centres! Nom!

The recipe is courtesy of the Pioneer Woman and you can get the recipe from her website here!

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I’m determined to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe out there!
This is the first recipe that caught my eye, it’s from the BBC Good Food website and you can check it out here!

So to the cookies:


They came out like mounds rather than a traditional biscuit shape, but hey! A biscuit is a biscuit!
These were darn nice, with a soft centre and slightly crunchy edges!
I wouldn’t call this the ultimate chocolate chip cookie and shall continue my search but for now I shall munch down these chocolate chip mounds with delight!


Fudge, fudge, glorious fudge!


So now I’m a full time student I have no pennies! So this Christmas to compliment presents I also made some fudge!
I roped in the Mr and we got cracking! I made a cherry almond fudge and he made a Daim bar fudge!

We followed a Sweets Made Simple recipe from the above book and just swapped in a couple of ingredients!
As always with this books recipes it came out perfect and people loved their fudge treats!





Bara Brith


Since moving to North Wales I have been indulging heavily in local traditional treats such as Welsh Cakes and Bara Brith.
They are heavenly! 🙂

I decided after eating many locally made Bara Briths to make my own!
I found this recipe on the Visit Wales website and thought it was a good place to start!

Lots of tea, brown sugar, honey and other ingredients later I created the above loaf!
This recipe makes a very delicious spicy bread like loaf! The one I got from the local bakery is quite cake like so I think I’ll have to keep experimenting! 🙂