Finished Coffee Table


So here’s an update on my last post!
The coffee table that I picked up for mere few pounds has been painted and transformed into a thing of beauty!
A bit of sanding, a layer of undercoat and two delicious layers of brilliant white gloss was all it took!


I have moved house!

Sorry I have been slack on the old blog posts but I have finally moved my whole life to Wales and have now started University!
Hopefully History BA workload allowing I shall have more regular posts coming soon!

Here is a project I have started on today!
I found a battered old dark wood table with a glass top in a second hand store for a few quid!
I loved its shape so I decided to give it a new life in my home!
Que the makeover!
So far I have sanded it down and given it one layer of undercoat!
Soon though it shall be ready for its final hi gloss white finish!


Hobby Craft Bunting Kit

As part of my Birthday preparations I have decided I need some bunting to fit in with my Mad Hatter tea party theme.
I looked into buying some and all I found was extortionately over priced hand made bunting and cheap plastic/cardboard bunting.
So I decided I would make my own and headed off to Hobby Craft where I found this sweet little kit!
It was £5 and came in blue or pink! I decided on the pink because it fits in with my chintzy paper plates and platters that I got off ebay!
I absolutely loathe sewing so I don’t know why I decided to get this but I have surprisingly found it a quite enjoyable project.
It comes with instructions, template, material and thread, you just need a sewing needle, scissors and pins.
I have so far half made it and it’s looking super cute!





March 2014 Glossybox!

Here be a roundup of the latest Glossybox!
I had these about a year ago but I got a bit bored but I thought I’d give them another go!
I was quite pleased with this box! For a tenner I got quite a lot of product!


Included was a Dove hair treatment! I have tried these before and they are a very effective little hair treat!
There was a Mitchell and Peach body cream! It was a mini size but it smells good and sinks in easily!
A full size mineral eyeshadow by Bellapierre! Mine was a shimmery gold colour.


I really like the look of this Sleek makeup Pout Polish in a nice peachy nude colour. I’ve never tried nude lips before, fearing I will look like a corpse, but this looks sheer enough for me!
It’s quite greasy feeling on my lips when first applied so I shall see how this one pans out!


The product that I think is the best product is this full size Helenere Maitrise du Temps serum!
It costs £38.50 to buy! There’s your tenner back and more! 🙂
It looks really gloppy and oily in the bottle but when applied it spreads amazingly well and sinks in immediately! Skin is instantly soft!
I can’t wait to try this for a few days in a row to see it’s longer term effects!


Rimmel Precious Stones and a bit of jewellery!

Today I attended a bead fair with a friend and the Mr!
At first I was completely overwhelmed by all on offer but soon my inner magpie had turned me into Gollum!
I ended up with some good sterling silver goodies and some beautiful 10 mm round amethyst beads! They are gorgeous and shine like delicious sweets!
I shall turn those into a beautiful necklace soon!

My silver smithing course marches on and we have moved onto stone settings! We were asked to purchase a stone cabochon of our choice from an excellent online company called Kernow Craft.
I purchased a beautiful citrine stone!
Below is my progress on a ring! I have made the bezel and the ring shank so far!


When browsing for Christmas presents I came across this beautiful looking nail polish from Rimmel London! It’s precious stones in 001 diamond dust!
It’s absolutely packed with glitter particles large and small!
The pics below show my nails after three coats, so I would suggest using a darker base coat first.
Also without a top coat it looked quite matte and felt like sandpaper, but that may be the look One is after. I decided to use my Rimmel ultra shine top coat.
I really like the fact that I’ll be going to work tomorrow with a mini disco upon my hands!



Celts and Cheesecakes!

So I just had my latest silversmithing lesson and have now finished my Celtic ring.
It’s not my usual style but is super shiny and I’m so proud that I made it!
I think everyone on my course is doing superbly well!


In other news it was the birthday of the Mr!
I decided to make him a birthday cheesecake, but not any old cheesecake!
I made a base by crushing up Oreos and mixing with butter, I then wizzed up a pack of cream cheese with a cup of sugar and quarter of a jar of smooth peanut butter!
I then folded in a medium pot of cream that I had whipped up.
I smoothed this on to the cookie base then sprinkled chopped up crumbly fudge all over and left to set in the fridge over night!
I give you Peanut butter fudge cheesecake!
Absolutely wizard!