Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit


I’ve been a bit naughty in Boots again! Shhh!
So I’m a complete nube at contouring but have always wanted to try it, so what better than to use a kit designed for it?
I chose this Define & Conquer kit in the shade Fair!
Comes in a box and the compact itself is sturdy and has a mirror! Nothing too exhilarating!
It also comes with a mini how to guide! Very good for contour idiots like me!

Swiping my brush through the powder I was pleasantly surprised to see it had a very fine, soft texture and loaded onto the brush well! The only downside is that you waste lots of powder here in excess!
Even though I tapped excess off the brush I still managed to use too much but I think it might be me and mine non practiced hands at fault here!
I make the moon look like it’s got a good tan, I’m so pale! But this isn’t a bad match if I go lightly on the darker shade!
For £5.99 it’s not a bad purchase!
Available in your local Boots store!




Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blusher & Ultra All Day Prime and Anti-Shine Balm!


Well I’m a sucker for new products and since I’ve been a very good girl and not purchased any in a while I decided to get these two products from my thrifty and favourite brand.

So first up is the fluid blusher in Pink Dew! These little bottles of joy are an absolute dupe for Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush! I cannot afford one of those, so cannot compare but this is great!
It’s really super runny, so careful there, and is best applied with a brush!
It leaves a super silky feeling surface and sets nicely with no caking! 🙂



Now for the prime and anti-shine balm!
I had to have that as soon as I saw it because I get a shiny face and if I apply too much power then my face resembles the desiccated surface of Mars! Not sexy!
It works nicely as a thin layer of primer under makeup but also lives up to its anti-shine claims when used on top of makeup instead of powder!
Although I have found if you wipe with the sponge, makeup will come off as you can see in the pic! Durr!
But patted on it’s super!
Nicely packaged and sturdy with a mirror!

Check out Makeup Revolution here!




Birchbox July 2014


So here’s the latest offering from Birchbox!
As you may have seen from previous posts I decided to give up two of my thrice beauty box habit and I stayed with Birchbox!

Birchbox have yet to disappoint me, in this box there’s a lovely peachy lip crayon and a Benefit primer! For these products alone I’m a happy lady!

I think I might be behind the times but I haven’t got a clue what Chia seeds are but hey! I’ll try anything once! 🙂

Get your Birchboxes here!



St Tropez Gradual Tan Face & Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen!


So today I had time to kill and popped into Boots just to have a look!
Massive mistake because as usual I picked up a little somethin’ somethin’!

I purchased a dupe of the Benefit Push Up Liner that I wish I could afford!
At £8.99 this maybelline version is a complete steal!
I’m a complete eyeliner nube and have never really got the hang of putting it on and it takes me ages to get a decent line so I never really bother with it!
Here is my very first attempt! I was so amazed at the first application in one go that I put this terrible picture of my eye on here!
The rest of my face was sans makeup and really quite shocking so it’s a rather cropped pic! 🙂
It literally just glides on and the rubber tip hugs the lash line! Amazing!
A bloody git to get off though! Completely impervious to water but a good hot cloth cleansing saved the day!
Get yours here!




The St Tropez Gradual Tan for the face applies like a dream but is heavily fragranced! But it doesn’t smell like biscuits!
I’m not a fan of the fragrance but time will tell on how this pans out tan wise!
Get one from here! !

New Makeup Revolution Buys!

So the awesome Makeup Revolution brand have released some excellent new products!
I knew I could not resist and purchased the Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice ,but man oh man, I wish I had got the Hot Spice one too!
The Sugar and spice one is super pink! I love it as it suits my pale colouring and there are also a few options in the palette for a little light contouring!
I love the light highlighting pan! It reminds me of the moon! 🙂

Also purchased the Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light!
Ideal for times when I might have a bit of a tan or when it comes to winter and I revert to being a ghost! Plenty of shades ahoy!
Good creamy consistency and excellent coverage that can be built up!

I adore this huge tricolour bronzer called Bronze Shimmer Highlight!
Three wearable bronze shades that won’t make me look like I’ve been at the Ronseal! Also minimal glitter! LOVE this!

Finally I got a five colour Baked Eyeshadow mini palette in the shade Pure and Innocent!
Nice summery colours that will accentuate my blue eyes!
Great pigmentation and super blend-a-bility!
I have swatched on mine own arm below!
These products are mega cheap but feel like way more expensive products!
Nice slick packaging too!
I only wish I had got not only the Hot Spice palette but also one of the eye foils too! I forget every time!
Get some gorgeous new makeup here!





Random New Favourites!

I love it when I have unexpected beauty discoveries, especially nice thrifty ones!
I have been using Garnier Micellar Cleansing water for weeks now and I love it!
For roughly around the £4 mark you get 400ml of product and it lasts for ages! I’m still only halfway through my bottle.
I use one cotton pad lightly soaked in this for my face then another one for my eyes.
It removes every last trace of make up without me having to rub my face and it doesn’t dry out my skin. It literally feels like you’re using plain water.


I used this Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxury Body Wash just because it was on the side of the bath! It’s not something I would normally purchase!
I used my usual exfoliating gloves and squeezed a little bit of this onto my hands.
It comes out of the packaging exactly like shaving gel would and when I rubbed my gloved hands together it lathered up a storm! It was really really foamy and super luxurious feeling!
I only needed a tiny bit and it was so luxuriously thick that I used the remnants for shaving my legs!
Brilliant stuff and you can get it here.

I have dry ends to my hair and I kept hearing word of coconut butter/oils moisturising properties so I went to track some down and found this little beauty in Boots!
It’s Boots Ingredients Coconut Body Oil. It comes in a glass jar with a metal screw lid, so it can be recycled or re- purposed!
The product smells heavenly and is of course coconuty! It’s solid in the jar but melts on contact with the skin!
I just scoop a chunk out and rub between my palms then distribute thought the ends of my hair!
I leave it for 10 mins or so then I wash my hair as normal!
It leaves me with lovely soft hair! T’is only £2:54 in Boots!


Beauty Blogger Swap

Samantha at She’s Looking at the Stars organised a swap amongst bloggers! So I hopped on board and got paired with a lovely lady called Andrea!
We had £15 to spend on products for our pairings!
The pic below is what I got sent! On top of what’s in this pic I also got a pretty list pad thingy which is awesome because I’m a list aholic!
I’m pretty excited about the palette and I do love a MUA lipstick! I love that the bottom unscrews and you get a little pot of colour too! 🙂
See what I sent Andrea here!