Healthy Protein Flapjack

So sorry for the radio silence lately! So much has been happening, such as house moves and wedding prep! 😀

Anyhow with said wedding coming up I’m feeling motivated to eat a bit healthier and to do a bit more exercise.
There’s no way I can be as dedicated to a fitness regime Victoria Secret model style but I can change a few bits and bobs to get a bit more wedding svelte!
One thing is to swap out biccies and chocolate bars with healthier but equally delicious snacks such as these protein filled flapjacks!


In a large pan add half an average size jar of crunchy peanutbutter and about half an average squeezy bottle of honey and warm through until runny.
I then added to this a cup of chopped dates, cup of almond flakes and some omega seed mix from Holland & Barrett!
I then added enough oats to bring the whole thing together in to a stiff but still moist mound.
I then pressed the mix into a foul lined baking dish and left to cool down and set as you would with an ordinary flapjack.

Next job is to cut into bars and scoff!

Now while this isn’t exactly calorie free, it is full of good things and packed with nutrients which should support my body whilst I embark on a mild fitness adventure!