Delicious Perfume


When I was in the South of France I went for a day out in the town of Grasse!
It’s like the perfume centre of France!
Even the streets are fragranced with a perfumed water mist!

So I found this little shop and the lovely lady in there made me try lots of perfumes and came up with L’Or Blanc that just happens to smell exactly like a vanilla macaroon! Amazing!
I hadn’t even told her that I like to stay on the scale of edible when it comes to perfumes!

Check out the perfume company here!



Sorry for the lack of regular posts of recent times but I’ve been majorly busy preparing for University.

Unlike the usual 18 year old undergraduate, I’m a 30 year old undergraduate that has to haul not just her bedding and set of Ikea saucepans to University, but her entire life!
Major busy-ness indeed!
Posts may be all over the place for the next couple of months until I have settled into my new life!

Talking of Ikea, I’m actually off to the mothership tomorrow! Majorly excited!
Probably too excited……


Abbaye de Maizières




I stayed at the 4 star Abbaye de Maizières in Beaune, France. It was founded in the 12th century!
As you can see it’s absolutely stunning!
I was ever so slightly confused when I started to flick through my complimentary issue of Vogue only to find it was written in Japanese!
Crazy kids.

We didn’t eat at the Hotel restaurant, where the chef has a Michelin star none the less.
But we did eat in a heavenly restaurant in the town of Beaune, that is based in a wine cellar where I discovered a neat little drink called “The Cardinal”!
You pour a big slosh of Cassis in a wine glass then top with chilled red wine!
Sounds crazy but it most absolutely works!