New Makeup Revolution Buys!

So the awesome Makeup Revolution brand have released some excellent new products!
I knew I could not resist and purchased the Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice ,but man oh man, I wish I had got the Hot Spice one too!
The Sugar and spice one is super pink! I love it as it suits my pale colouring and there are also a few options in the palette for a little light contouring!
I love the light highlighting pan! It reminds me of the moon! 🙂

Also purchased the Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light!
Ideal for times when I might have a bit of a tan or when it comes to winter and I revert to being a ghost! Plenty of shades ahoy!
Good creamy consistency and excellent coverage that can be built up!

I adore this huge tricolour bronzer called Bronze Shimmer Highlight!
Three wearable bronze shades that won’t make me look like I’ve been at the Ronseal! Also minimal glitter! LOVE this!

Finally I got a five colour Baked Eyeshadow mini palette in the shade Pure and Innocent!
Nice summery colours that will accentuate my blue eyes!
Great pigmentation and super blend-a-bility!
I have swatched on mine own arm below!
These products are mega cheap but feel like way more expensive products!
Nice slick packaging too!
I only wish I had got not only the Hot Spice palette but also one of the eye foils too! I forget every time!
Get some gorgeous new makeup here!





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