My Visit to Lush Cambridge! #2


As you may recall in a post I wrote a few weeks back, I was invited by Lush Cambridge to come and have a chat about hair and skin care.

I’ve had a good few weeks of properly trying out some of the samples they sent me on my way with! There have been some absolute winners and only one product that didn’t work well on me.

Skin care wise I’m absolutely still in love with the Imperialis moisturiser! It sinks in beautifully, moisturising my face and neck but also stops my makeup slipping around! As it’s got no SPF in it I will repurchase this come winter.
I was also given a solid serum to try called Full of Grace. I have simply been rubbing a little between my fingers to melt then smoothing on my face. Unfortunately this is too heavy for me but would suit someone with fairly dry skin. It’s packed with Murumuru butter which is produced from a plant native to Brazil and it’s highly moisturing!

I’ve also enjoyed using H’suan Wen Hua hair moisturiser! Try saying that drunk! 😉
It’s really good for the dry ends to my hair because you put this on dry hair, leave for 20 mins (treat yourself, have a cup of tea and a Jaffa cake!), then shampoo out! Simple!
Hair then doesn’t get stripped of all moisture leaving softer locks!
I was also impressed with the Coconutty solid shampoo that is Trichomania! It’s rich and delicious smelling! I just rub it on to wet hair and lather away! Heavenly!

I also purchased (not a free sample) a Charity Pot! You can read about it in my previous post!
I started reviewing it here then realised the charity element to some Lush products needed and indeed deserved a post of their own!
So I wrote that and decided to publish this one a bit later!


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