Lush Charity Pot & May Day Bath Bomb!

One product that I picked up on my previous trip to Lush has amazed me! This one I actually purchased myself and was not a sample.
It’s the Charity Pot!
Every single penny goes to charity and I think the fox on the tub tugged at my heart!
Please check out the amazing charity pot here!
Not only is it moisturising and leaves me smelling like chocolate it’s the best reason I’ve ever seen to spend your money! It supports so many worthy but less well known charities!


Next on my Lush list to buy is the May Day bath bomb shaped like a badger! These sweet little bombs are helping to support a charity called the Save Me Trust set up by Doctor Brian May.
This charity aims to help save badgers from ineffective culls and to set up vaccination against bovine TB instead!
Go get one and help not only the badgers but cattle too!
Read more here!



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