Body Shop Blue Corn Face Mask Follow Up + Vitamin E Mask Review

I have been using the Body Shop 3 in 1 deep Cleansing Scrub Mask for a couple of weeks now!
I was very impressed when I first tried the mask ( which you can see here).
As time marches on not only has it made my skin smoother without drying it out it has also helped improve my complexion!
It’s clay like drying on the skin draws out impurities, deep cleansing my skin!
Normally if I use a clay mask it’s too harsh and actually drys my skin out and gives me spots, but this does a good job exfoliating, cleansing and not drying my face into a husk!
I thoroughly recommend this product! 🙂


I have also tried the Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask!
I purchased a couple of sachets of this to try it but it also comes in a tub like the Blue Corn Mask.
So I ripped off the handy perforated seam across the top and tried to squeeze some out. Unfortunately it had only opened up a tiny hole and I squeezed rather hard, so it went shooting up in the air and landed in my hair like a seagull taking target practice! Ha ha!
It had a nice clean scent and had the texture of a thin moisturiser.
I followed the instructions and applied a thin layer to cleansed skin and waited 10 minutes before I tissued it off.
On the packaging it says intense moisture replenishment but for me this wasn’t exactly the case. My skin didn’t feel dry or tight but I had to follow up with a moisturiser for sure.
I have combination skin and this product was fine on my t zone but didn’t do it for my cheeks. While I won’t myself be purchasing the full size tub, I’d say this would definitely suit less dry skin types.

You can see the Body Shop face mask range here.




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