April 2014 Glossybox

April’s Glossybox has just landed on mine desk! It’s theme is Sweet Treats!
It contains a Emite Make Up lip brush which looks quite nice to use!
A Monument Spa warming ginger massage and body oil! Apparently you can add it to your bath or massage into skin before your bath to leave you with soft skin. It smells divine! Just like ginger beer! Om nom!
Only drawback is that there’s no dropper type thing, it’s just a normal little bottle so accidentally using too much might be an issue.
Also included is a MeMeMe Beat the Blues highlighter in Pearl Pink!
This looks lovely and when blended in doesn’t look glittery! Nice product!
There’s a travel sized TRESemme dry shampoo! Not exciting but I use dry shampoo so it’s fairly handy.
A travel sized He- Shi Face and Body tanning Gel. I do not use fake tan, especially one that’s labelled medium!
I’m an absolute ghost and this would just look hideous on me!
I’m going to give this away to someone who uses fake tan!
Overall it’s not the most exciting box but it’s got plenty of useful products in it so for a tenner I’m happy!
The best products are the ginger massage oil and the highlighter!




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