Jennifer Lilly Designs Dress!

So I have a big birthday coming up and am having a huge Mad Hatter themed party!
I was online looking for life sized plastic flamingos (naturally!!) and asides from being ridiculously expensive I also learnt that they are the US of A’s number one garden ornament, beating the humble Gnome in to second place! (Who knew? Ha ha!)
Moving on…..
I needed something flamingo related and the flamingo cocktail sticks just aren’t enough.
That’s when I found this beauty of a handmade dress on Etsy!
I can see myself wearing this dress for quite a few summers to come!
It’s by Jennifer Lilly Designs and you can visit her Etsy shop here!
I love the classic feminine shape of this dress with the added bonus of a amazing quirky print!
I also love supporting people who make items by hand and with care! It’s their passion for what they do, which ALWAYS shows in a product.
I will do a big post on my party so until then I leave you with a screenshot and a pic of my newly received and excitedly opened new dress!




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