Hobby Craft Bunting Kit

As part of my Birthday preparations I have decided I need some bunting to fit in with my Mad Hatter tea party theme.
I looked into buying some and all I found was extortionately over priced hand made bunting and cheap plastic/cardboard bunting.
So I decided I would make my own and headed off to Hobby Craft where I found this sweet little kit!
It was £5 and came in blue or pink! I decided on the pink because it fits in with my chintzy paper plates and platters that I got off ebay!
I absolutely loathe sewing so I don’t know why I decided to get this but I have surprisingly found it a quite enjoyable project.
It comes with instructions, template, material and thread, you just need a sewing needle, scissors and pins.
I have so far half made it and it’s looking super cute!





Seventeen Gel Colour Review


Seventeen from Boots is another company to jump on the gel effect train by bringing out these Seventeen Gel Colour polishes!
They are £2.99 and come in a variety of shades but I picked up two, a green one called Emerald Tropics and a grey one called Long Island.
I tried the grey one first and found that it applies quite easily but you have to be quick and not go over it too many times!
One coat was patchy but two coats in and it’s completely opaque!
It took an absolute age to dry but when it did eventually dry it looked very shiny indeed.
I then added a coat of Seche Vite. As you can see in these pics there isn’t much difference in the shine.


I decided to use the green one to test out its 8 day wear claims!
This one glided on like a dream and was more fluid than the grey one, it was also opaque in one speedy coat!
The picture don’t really show the true depth of colour of this polish, think snooker table green and you’re very close!
So I applied one coat and went without topcoat to see how many days this polish stayed chip free.
I lasted three days before I removed it because it looked worn at the tips, but there were no huge issues with chipping! Quite impressive considering I hadn’t used a topcoat!
Check them out here!


My Visit to Lush in Cambridge! #1


I, along with many other folks, am a huge Lush fan!
I love their delicious bath bombs and dusting powders but I have never really strayed from these products.
I’m very very guilty of avoiding all sale staff and diving for a bath bomb then speeding toward the tills before exiting at high speed on many a rushed lunch break.
So I was exited about being invited by my local Lush store in Cambridge to come and talk about hair care and skin care!
I shall be talking mainly about the products that have jumped out from the get go but will be doing another post when I’ve given the products a good chance to work their magic.

On arrival I was greeted by the lovely James who wasted no time in making me feel at ease and we set to talking about my hair!
My hair is shocking! Asides from the first signs that I’m turning into a Wizard (one or two sneaky greys!) I have dry ends, a huge tangly, curly mid section and flat roots! Yikes! It takes a massive amount of taming!
James started suggesting different products to address my hair issues, he also told me a little bit about the history of each product and their properties! Boy does he know his stuff! 🙂
I was sent away with many products to try but the outstanding favourites of mine so far are the Roots hair treatment and the Fairly Traded Honey shampoo.
The Roots hair treatment looks like a delicious, mousse like shimmering whip for the hair! It smells divine thanks to neroli, grapefruit and sweet orange oil. It uses olive oil and honey to condition plus mint to stimulate!
I applied to my roots and massaged it in and I immediately felt it getting to work! It felt tingly and the scent completely woke me up! 🙂
I absolutely loved using this, in fact my most favourite thing to do now is to pop this on my hair and use the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask at the same time! Sooooo divine!
The Roots treatment has in fact left me with less flat roots and carries on tingling after it’s been rinsed away!
I love the Fairly Traded Honey shampoo because it smells sooooo scrummy and left my hair clean, soft and divinely scented! It looks like you’re pouring pure honey on your hair too! 🙂
Because it contains honey and beeswax it gives my tangly curly mane a shine hit and doesn’t dry it out! 🙂

I also spoke to Katy who took me through skin care!
My two favourite products so far are Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask which is made with fresh blueberries and Imperialis Moisturiser!
The mask as I have said already is just heavenly to wear whilst also using the Roots hair treatment!
I LOVED this moisturiser from first application! It sinks in quickly and I was amazed because it has kept my face matte underneath my foundation all day! If it had SPF then this would be the best ever moisturiser, but my foundation has that in so it’s not too much of a problem! I’m deffo repurchasing this!

Lush is also rather good to the planet and doesn’t harm furry little critters! 🙂

If you like me tend to stick to the bath bombs then you should deffo grab a member of staff and ask them about the other products because they are friendly, know their products and are passionate about what they do! Both James and Katy were proud of working for Lush and that comes across when you speak to them, that in turn makes me confident in their advice!
Check out their website!




Makeup Revolution

There’s a new makeup brand in town going by the name of Makeup Revolution!
With prices starting at just £1 it had to be tried and I excitedly put in an order for an Amazing Care Lipstick in the shade Love a Hug and I also ordered an amazing Redemption Palette in Iconic 2!
I ordered direct from the website but you can also order from Superdrug online too!
My package swiftly arrived all well packaged and safe!
First up is the Amazing Care Lipstick. The bullet is a traditional lipstick shape but it’s a see through moisturising Argan oil packed outer layer with a shot of colour through its core!
It’s absolutely gorgeous to apply and glides on leaving a lovely, glossy, non sticky slick of natural looking colour. I really like this product and will enjoy using this when normal lipsticks become too high maintenance, for instance when out eating! I wouldn’t worry about this getting on my teeth or wearing off leaving a ridiculous ring of colour round my lips!
It comes in other colours and only costs £3! I shall be adding to my collection for sure!
Check them out here!




Now for the palette! These are an obvious dupe for a well known high end palette.
But I think this palette can stand on its own without being compared to other brands! It’s £4 but it delivers twelve highly pigmented beautiful shades that blend amazingly!
There are many other palettes to choose from including not only nudes, mattes, shimmers but also acid bright colours too!
You can peruse them here!
I will most certainly be going back for more lipsticks and will be checking out the other products too!
I have loved reading other peoples blogs on these products! 🙂




Body Shop Blue Corn Face Mask Follow Up + Vitamin E Mask Review

I have been using the Body Shop 3 in 1 deep Cleansing Scrub Mask for a couple of weeks now!
I was very impressed when I first tried the mask ( which you can see here).
As time marches on not only has it made my skin smoother without drying it out it has also helped improve my complexion!
It’s clay like drying on the skin draws out impurities, deep cleansing my skin!
Normally if I use a clay mask it’s too harsh and actually drys my skin out and gives me spots, but this does a good job exfoliating, cleansing and not drying my face into a husk!
I thoroughly recommend this product! 🙂


I have also tried the Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask!
I purchased a couple of sachets of this to try it but it also comes in a tub like the Blue Corn Mask.
So I ripped off the handy perforated seam across the top and tried to squeeze some out. Unfortunately it had only opened up a tiny hole and I squeezed rather hard, so it went shooting up in the air and landed in my hair like a seagull taking target practice! Ha ha!
It had a nice clean scent and had the texture of a thin moisturiser.
I followed the instructions and applied a thin layer to cleansed skin and waited 10 minutes before I tissued it off.
On the packaging it says intense moisture replenishment but for me this wasn’t exactly the case. My skin didn’t feel dry or tight but I had to follow up with a moisturiser for sure.
I have combination skin and this product was fine on my t zone but didn’t do it for my cheeks. While I won’t myself be purchasing the full size tub, I’d say this would definitely suit less dry skin types.

You can see the Body Shop face mask range here.



Love Me Beauty Box April 2014

Ok! Rapid fire blog posts but my beauty boxes just came one after the other so I’m squeezing them in between my regular posts! 🙂
My April Love Me Beauty box has turned up and boy it’s a beaut!
I love every product in it!
As always with Love Me Beauty there are three variations of the box and I went for the option that had this gorgeous coral Models Own polish included!


Included in this months box are the Models Own polish I mentioned, in the shade “Coral Reef”!
Beautiful summer colour that will go with any tan I can feebly muster over the summer!

A rather exciting, gorgeously scented and full sized Betty Hula Secret Wonder Oil!
I can’t wait to try this out and will review this and the nail polish in another post!

Also included is a generously sized mini Redken Color Extend Conditioner! My locks will no doubt love this!

One of the stars of this box is the huge bottle of Neal & Wolf Silk Smoothing Blow- Dry Balm! This retails for £12.50 and makes this box worth it’s money alone!
It claims to put an end to tangles and frizz!

Finally there were two bonus items in the box! One was a card with £25 off
Hello Fresh meal boxes! Basically like Graze boxes but with whole dinners instead! The cheapest box was with three meals for two people coming in at the £39 ish mark so this is quite a nice saving!
The other was two sachets of Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil. I have quite a liking and indeed a burgeoning collection of body oils and these are a welcome addition!
Top notch box I say!