Body Shop Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask!

I’ve noticed these days that I can’t just get away with a slap dash attitude towards my cleansing routine! Although I’ve always moisturised religiously and always protect my face from the sun my attitude to cleansing is mega lazy!
Only now my face will these days protest that’s it’s feeling neglected! Fun times!
So I have invested in this mask from the Body Shop!
It claims to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise and if it works it should fit into my life quite nicely!
When I opened the pot I noticed its smells quite herbal, but then that makes me feel like it’s going to actually do something!
It’s texture is like that of a traditional clay mask but with added exfoliating bits in it!
I applied it to my wet face and I noticed it spreads very easily and it’s a walk in the park to get a nice thin even layer!
It tingled a bit at first but it wasn’t uncomfortable. As it dried I got that satisfying face pack, don’t crack my face feeling! 🙂
Then when the 15 minutes were up I rinsed it off in warm water? This was rather easy to do because of the exfoliating element of the mask!
I then patted my face dry and was left with soft, fresh skin!
I wouldn’t say it gave my face a moisture hit but I would also say it hasn’t dried my skin out!
I’m looking forward to continuing with this twice a week for a while to see its long term effects!




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