Liebster Award Nomination!

  • Liebster
  • I got nominated for the Liebster Award by Jessica at Judy-Rudy Beauty! So I’d like to say thank you! 🙂
    It’s an award given by bloggers to other bloggers! It’s a great way to see new blogs!
    So going by my nomination the rules are simple!
    Thank the person who nominated you and put out their blog link so your readers can check them out too!
    Then you need to write 11 facts about yourself and then answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you set! You then need to come up with 11 questions and nominate some other lovely bloggers!

    So here are my 11 interesting facts about me:

    1. I have 5 brother and 3 sisters!
    2. I’m obsessed with beige food it seems! Macaroni Cheese followed by Vanilla cheesecake is the business!
    3. I love Tom Jones, AC/DC, Tchaikovsky, Andre Rieu, Andy Williams, Elvis,Lmfao, Doris Day etc! I’m pretty varied on the music front!
    4. I have a ceremonial role at the University of Cambridge where I get to wear a top hat and a cape with gold buttons!
    5. I have a hamster called Brady! I named her after Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots! The Mr does not like this! Ha ha!
    6. I bloody love a good musical! If its got Howard Keel in it then it’s going to be good!
    7. I’m giving up a well paid job to become a full time history student at a University in Wales this September! Why not! Who need money! (Uh oh!)
    8. I say scone the proper way! Scone as in own! Not scone as in gone! That’s just wrong!
    9. I’m obsessed with polka dots and could fashion an entire outfit out of navy with white spots items! Including a rucksack, purse, phone case, laptop case and a bangle! I’m really cool!
    10. I LOVE Doctor Who and Star Trek! Live long and prosper people!
    11. I’m obsessed with Henry VIII and I love anything to do with historic cooking! Turtle soup anyone?

    I hope you enjoyed those facts coming at you! Ha ha! Next are the questions I was asked:

    1. What or who inspired you to become a blogger? I love cooking, craft and beauty and I love reading other blogs on these subjects so I started one!
    2. Stranded on a desert island, would you rather mascara or foundation? and why? Mascara because no one needs foundation with a tan! I’m presuming here that it’s a tropical island! 🙂
    3. Where is the furthest place you have travelled to? Las Vegas baby!
    4. What would be your ‘dream’ job? I’d love to be a curator at a Royal Palace!Especially Windsor Castle! They have Queen Mary’s Doll house!
    5. One quote you live by?“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, covered in scars, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming, ‘Yahoo! what a ride'”
    6. Favourite beauty brand? I’d say Rimmel because the nail polishes and powder are amazing and are ridic cheap!
    7. Who is your icon? and why? Beauty wise I’d say Elizabeth Taylor! Beautiful lady with a collection of Jewels to die for! Currently I love the style of Kate Middleton! There are a few TV historians that I think are awesome too!
    8. High street or High end brands? I’d say although I love the odd high end item it has to be high street all the way!
    9. Favourite book you have ever read and why? This is hard being a Library assistant book worm! But Fiction wise it has to be To Kill a Mocking Bird! Non Fiction wise is Henry: Most Virtuous Prince by David Starkey! Love it!
    10. Favourite season?  Summer all the way but Spring is beautiful!
    11. Describe a typical Saturday for you.. Crumpets and coffee in bed whilst watching something like Goggle box or anything with Jamie Oliver. Bath then jump into some old clothes and potter around reading or going for a walk. Evening time if not going out always involves some nice wine and some delish food with a film! If out somewhere it also usually involves nice wine or maybe a peach bellini and some nice food!


    So I now nominate Beauty By Karis and Bookishness and finally Miss Happy’s Beauty Blog.

    My 11 questions are as follows:

    1. Favourite beauty product ever?
    2. Cats or dogs?
    3. Marmite?
    4. Best fiction book?
    5. Best non fiction book?
    6. Favourite music?
    7. Favourite film?
    8. Favourite cocktail?
    9. Favourite outfit?
    10. Best restaurant?
    11. Favourite flowers?


    Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum Review!

    I have been in love with my Helenere Maitrise Du Temps since I received it in my March Glossybox!
    It’s really intense though and a bit too heavy for the day time!
    So I decided to try this light weight Vitamin E Serum from the Body Shop!
    It’s in a pump action container and one pump delivers the right amount for an application for me.
    The product is slightly cloudy with a gel like texture that spreads quickly and sinks in very easily!
    It doesn’t really have a smell only a slight clean scent which is a bonus.
    What I particularly like about this is that it caters for my combination skin! I have an annoyingly oily T zone and fairly dry cheeks but this moisturises it all without being too heavy for the oilier areas!


    MAC Lipstick & 217 Brush!

    So I went with my friend to John Lewis to peruse the high end cosmetics!
    We were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the Guerlain Meteorites that she’s had her eye on for a while then we zipped into MAC!
    I ended up purchasing a lustre lipstick in the colour Syrup! I love the name!
    It’s a very wearable everyday pinky raspberry-ish colour and it glides on like a lip balm.
    It has a delicate shine to it and is comfortable to wear, not drying like some lipsticks!
    I also picked up the popular blending brush 217!
    It has very soft bristles and is awesome at picking up and blending your chosen shadow really well!




    New H&M Items!

    So I popped into H&M for a quick browse not intending to buy anything but alas I did!
    Here is what I purchased!
    Some beautiful soft moccasins with silver cube beads on the tassels. These were £14.99.
    I have worn them all day at work and they are super comfortable.
    I had to go down a size though to a 4 from my usual 5, bit strange that!
    I also purchased this striped, long sleeved top with brass details to the shoulders and wrists! £12.99.
    Very spring and very Kate Middleton! 🙂



    March 2014 Glossybox!

    Here be a roundup of the latest Glossybox!
    I had these about a year ago but I got a bit bored but I thought I’d give them another go!
    I was quite pleased with this box! For a tenner I got quite a lot of product!


    Included was a Dove hair treatment! I have tried these before and they are a very effective little hair treat!
    There was a Mitchell and Peach body cream! It was a mini size but it smells good and sinks in easily!
    A full size mineral eyeshadow by Bellapierre! Mine was a shimmery gold colour.


    I really like the look of this Sleek makeup Pout Polish in a nice peachy nude colour. I’ve never tried nude lips before, fearing I will look like a corpse, but this looks sheer enough for me!
    It’s quite greasy feeling on my lips when first applied so I shall see how this one pans out!


    The product that I think is the best product is this full size Helenere Maitrise du Temps serum!
    It costs £38.50 to buy! There’s your tenner back and more! 🙂
    It looks really gloppy and oily in the bottle but when applied it spreads amazingly well and sinks in immediately! Skin is instantly soft!
    I can’t wait to try this for a few days in a row to see it’s longer term effects!


    Savvy Circle Test!

    I’m part of the Savvy Circle which is part of Super Savvy Me!
    Super Savvy Me is a place to get reviews on products and to print off money saving coupons!
    There are always cool coupons on offer!
    So as you may know I’m a keen cook and I do love to create a mentally massive mess in the kitchen, so I was pleased when the Savvy Circle gave me the opportunity to try out Fairy Platinum Dishwasher tablets for a month!
    Check out the site.

    Check out the kit that arrived! A bag of 30 Fairy Platinum tablets and 10 sample packs to hand out to my pals!



    So far so good! They are working for me very well and are doing a good job of cleaning up my mess!
    I’m yet to hand out the samples but I shall be interested in others feed back too!

    March Love Me Beauty Box & Other Purchases

    Someone whispered in my ear about beauty boxes just over a year ago and I got rather excited!
    They told me they were like Graze boxes but with beauty products instead! Whoop! 🙂
    I went through a few months of Glossy boxes and She Said Beauty boxes! They were ok but I got bored after a while!
    Anyhow I saw on a couple of other blogs recently that people had been getting Love Me Beauty boxes and when I saw on my pals blog Bookishness the contents of the March box I then had to purchase one!
    I was not disappointed!
    Inside was a full size Nip + Fab Viper Venom Eye Fix! That’s about £15 right there! It’s a cooling, roller ball eye gel! It says it targets dark circles and fine lines!
    It feels awesome to apply, especially after a long day at work! 🙂
    There was also a full size peppermint foot stick called Deep stick that moisturises and cools!
    A mini Blanx toothpaste, ideal for travel I say! A Murad pomegranate face mask sachet was also included and I LOVE face masks!
    There was a set of false eyelashes that scare me a bit! But I’ll give anything a try once!
    I had a bath with the bath salts included, which smelt delish and were very relaxing in my bath! The relaxation ended abruptly through, when the large dried flowers that were floating in the bath scared me!
    I was getting dried and I though for a nano second that I had a dead moth stuck to me! Cue flapping and full length bath skid!
    It was only a soggy flower!
    Rather impressed with all of that for a tenner!


    I purchased these cute Easter treats from Lush! Easier on the old waist line I feel than a chocolate egg! Although if the Mr is reading this I still want a big chocolate egg!
    The egg one is a bath bomb that smells like Snow Fairy! Nom! The cute little bunny is a bubble bar that smells like the Creamy Candy bubble bar! Also Nom!


    Lastly here are few make up treats I got the other day! I thought I would give the Collection concealer a go after reading many a blogs claims of its magical abilities and high coverage! No one was lying, it’s really good for a cheap concealer and covers up my dark circles a treat!
    Same goes for the Rimmel powders super power of not letting me have a shiny face! Epically cheap and it works!
    The 2true cheek and lip stain is a product that I tried once on a whim and loved it! It’s stupidly cheap and gives a lovely cheek glow and tints the lips to perfection! I like to use this in the summer instead of powder blush! It’s less than £2 in Superdrug!
    Lastly is the 17 eyebrow pencil from Boots! I was NOT impressed! I got this because my usual Maybelline brow pencil hasn’t been in stock for ages and I’d run out!
    This was hard to apply and I looked like I had a couple of pet caterpillars upon my brow for the day! Yikes!