Rimmel Precious Stones and a bit of jewellery!

Today I attended a bead fair with a friend and the Mr!
At first I was completely overwhelmed by all on offer but soon my inner magpie had turned me into Gollum!
I ended up with some good sterling silver goodies and some beautiful 10 mm round amethyst beads! They are gorgeous and shine like delicious sweets!
I shall turn those into a beautiful necklace soon!

My silver smithing course marches on and we have moved onto stone settings! We were asked to purchase a stone cabochon of our choice from an excellent online company called Kernow Craft.
I purchased a beautiful citrine stone!
Below is my progress on a ring! I have made the bezel and the ring shank so far!


When browsing for Christmas presents I came across this beautiful looking nail polish from Rimmel London! It’s precious stones in 001 diamond dust!
It’s absolutely packed with glitter particles large and small!
The pics below show my nails after three coats, so I would suggest using a darker base coat first.
Also without a top coat it looked quite matte and felt like sandpaper, but that may be the look One is after. I decided to use my Rimmel ultra shine top coat.
I really like the fact that I’ll be going to work tomorrow with a mini disco upon my hands!