Close but no cigar!

As of my last post I had got through the Victoria sponge round of the Cambridge Bake Off!
The last six ( including Moi!) had the task of creating a nom- some edible including creme patissiere and fresh seasonal fruits!
I decided to go for a Frasier Cake!
Alas the amazing and beautiful competition beat my cake into the distant depths of baking competitions!
Below is one of my practice cakes!


Today I decided to try out a most minuscule bit of nail art and used my fimo canes!
You can them pre sliced or as I have done, in little sticks!
Then all you do is cut some wafer thin slices and position them on a freshly applied layer of top coat!
When all is dry, finish with another slick of top coat!
Check out the apples on my thumbs! 🙂





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