Birthday treats!

My latest project was my boyfriends birthday!
I decided to wrap his gifts with brown parcel paper, then tied a bright ribbon around them and used a matching tag!
It’s an effective and attractive way to wrap gift! It’s also good on a budget because the brown paper costs peanuts!

I’ve never baked anyone a birthday cake before so I seized my opportunity and set sail into the realms of cake, icing, cutters and so forth!
I found the recipe for this flour less cake in a book on retro cooking!
It uses almonds and chocolate as the main body!
Whisked egg whites gives the cake it’s lift!
The end result is rather brownie-ish and fudgy! 🙂
I decided to cover the cake in oozy chocolate icing and then decorated with fresh fruit and chocolate covered hazelnuts!

I also discovered that for a reasonable price, Steamer Trading stock cake boards and a box all in one packet!
Very handy!




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