Eat Me!



For a moving in present for my boyfriend I created this edible goodie filled treat!

I purchased a beautiful recycled chemist style glass jar from Ark in Cambridge( I then filled it with all his favourite treats. It’s quite a large jar so this was quite an operation, I also got a lot of weird looks from the person on the till when purchasing this volume of sweets! 🙂

To finish the look of the present I wrapped a length of yellow ribbon around the neck of the jar and added an old fashion brown parcel tag. I then wrote Eat Me on the outside of the tag for a Alice in Wonderland feel.

Old jars of all sizes are so versatile and can be filled with almost anything and decorated for a personal individual gift!



4 thoughts on “Eat Me!

  1. Very cool 🙂 Where did you get the parcel label from? I’ve just put all our herbs and spices into jars like this, but some of them aren’t really identifiable until you inhale them. I’ve been looking for parcel tags that aren’t massive.

  2. What a fab idea! There’s something very sweet (sorry!) about homemade presents. I once brought 18 bars of chocolate for a friend’s birthday, I got some pretty weird looks in the checkout queue too…

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